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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SEMA - next week the annual visit!

What does SEMA mean to our diesel motorsports market? It is a time to meet with our sponsors and promote our sport to other manufacturers who are interested in the market. Half of our time is meeting with new and existing sponsors/manufacturers and the other half is looking for new product/manufacturers with parts for our diesel market.

The SEMA Show is not for everyone since it is a show of a lot of bling-bling among the auto industry but underneath is the hard parts needed for our industry. Meeting with the right people can be very difficult since they are usually busy working the crowd at their booths.

It is extremely crowded at the booths during the entire show!

You are lucky to even get someone to talk to you about the products on the first few days, it's that crowded with people and buyers. The show draws a lot of international people in because of it being in Las Vegas near the coastline.

The portion of the show that is diesel is very small and you have to know where you are looking or you could wander for days. The entire show to walk I believe was at one time 17 miles! Don't know what it is today but you cannot see all of it in three days even if you walked fast.

I have been going to the show for many years and it is always fun! If you are interested in show vehicles and trucks, everyone should go at least once in their lifetime!

Also at the Sand Expo center is the AAPEX show at the same time and it is for the hard parts and auto/truck fluid manufacturers! Your pass will work for both shows.

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