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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ohio is full of diesel performance trucks!

I just left the National Trails Dragway in Hebron OH after holding the Buckeye Diesel Blast II. The weather couldn't have be more beautiful and I have to let a not so kept secret out - OH has some of the hottest diesels in the country!

From June 1 to September 30 there is a truck pull somewhere in the state every night. Drag races at three different tracks have been conducted a couple of times a month for the past six months for the diesel trucks. Add that to the farming economy surrounding the area and it spells high performance diesel trucks.

Every time we hold an event here you see new trucks that was just finished and ready to race or pull. The number of diesel shops and distributors for this area are quite high which tells you there is enough performance and regular maintenance to keep them busy. In fact some of the top names for diesel performance are located in OH!

I would have to say it's a toss up between OH and IN when it comes to top builders which tells you there are diesel trucks there that produce some horsepower and torque.

We saw many of those trucks today racing and sled pulling, racers whose names have long been top runners like Dean, Moody, Handwork, Block, Bohatch and Pullers like Miller,Hallien, Haisley, Smith and Gainer.

Top diesel competitors who show up every time for the sport, put on a great show and tells us thanks afterwards. True sportsmen and women(Ross) that put hours and hours into their trucks only to have to do it again after they run for more repairs. They do it because they love the sport and consider it their favorite past-time.

Throw in the tractors that came and pulled and the great crowd that came to watch, that adds up to a positive image and fun weekend for Diesel Motorsports!

Diesels are thought highly of in Ohio and it shows at the events!

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