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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can DIESEL Motorsports weather the storm???

Everyday we wake wondering what will be in the news that will effect our lives and business. . . what will we do next?

We started DIESEL Motorsports in the worst economy in decades, we wanted to grow a market segment that involves HUGE diesel fueled vehicles when everyone was looking at small hybrids, and we wanted to expand the pickup truck market when all truck aftermarket products was falling off in sales - we say bring it on!

We have weathered the storm and continue to grow the numbers, continue to grow the market, continue to grow the number of events and we are going into our fifth year.

More and more used diesel trucks are being converted to our market segment by a younger crowd to middle age workers who use the trucks at work. As the older market has more discretionary income newer diesel trucks are being bought with aftermarket products being added to them. Their secondary used trucks then are sold to our youth segment for further upgrades and modifications.

It's a cycle that DIESEL Motorsports help cultivate by offering larger purses for the lower street divisions where younger street driven diesels can win bigger money competing. Those funds they win can then be used to purchase performance upgrades. The older competitors then spend more to keep a level above the upcoming trucks in competition and the sport continues to grow.

The message is you can weather your own storm and figure it out yourself as to how to make it work for your business. Our economic system still allows you to work freely in the markets and develop new ways to conduct business and make a profit.

DIESEL Motorsports will and have weathered the storm by keeping a positive realistic approach to the diesel marketplace while developing new programs that further advance product sales, shop sales and expand numbers in competitors/fans.

To understand the direction don't wonder how you can be involved, get involved and ask how it can work for your business, shop, and services?

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