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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What makes a DIESEL Performance part worthy?

During the next few weeks I will be interviewing several of DIESEL Motorsport's endorsed product sponsors on their products. Endorsed product sponsors carry a very high level of sponsorship because of the backing by the Advisory Board and a survey of members endorsing the products for use in the diesel truck marketplace.

We have turned down several products that wanted the sponsorship because of reviews by competitors, realize the standards are set very high for the products. We have left spots open for a year or so while evaluating products for use on our diesel competitor's trucks.

As a Association many members look for our guidance on what products to buy and push to their friends and customers for use on their pickups. That is why we are so careful in choosing the right products.

Each year we have added major engine and drivetrain components that make a difference in a diesel performance truck either for racing or pulling.

We attend over 10 different trade shows and conferences over the winter months searching for products that fit our marketplace along with lobbying for more exposure for DIESEL Motorsports®.

Some of our core sponsors have been with NADM/DIESEL Motorsports from the beginning and are quite well known in the diesel community. The premier spots are taken very quickly and there is a waiting list for some of the most popular parts. As many know we market the products heavily at our events by announcing the products during the events, display banners, decals on trucks, pass out literature and display products of the companies.

These companies really want to support our sport so we ask the people who enjoy the sport to reciprocate  by buying their products and services. It all makes sense when looking at the overall picture. The products are tested with experienced diesel competitors, backgrounds of the companies are researched (warranties honored, customer service, etc.) and they work with our Board to promote DIESEL Motorsport's direction.

So when we ask you to put the decals on your trucks or buy our sponsor's products you are helping to build the sport! These very endorsed product sponsors are helping to build the sport we enjoy.

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