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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Compete where and when you can . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

I had lunch the other day here in KC with one of race team owners who was passing through and he brought up a good question! He asked "what if an opportunity came up to race in another organizations diesel event would I mind"?

I told him "I would want him to - why not? It's an opportunity to run the truck, the more you race or pull the better you get at it and the more experience you get behind the wheel"!

He told me racers from another organization made fun of his NADM/DIESEL Motorsports decals at a local event and asked why would he run with them? I was glad he replied, "why not, it's all about racing where there are diesels"!

Unless someone is running a competing event on top of us why would we care if driver and pullers enjoy the sport elsewhere, because of the competition? The way I see it the same goes for us as the racers and pullers - the more the competition the better you get!

Do we ask the competitors to take the other organization's decals off of their trucks when they run? I don't think so, we just ask they put ours on too, along with our sponsors!

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports has arranged our schedules at an event so pullers could make their local points pulls and still compete with us.

I remember just a few years ago you could count the number of diesel only events on one hand and competitors scrambled to make it to the events. Because the sport is growing and more and more events are becoming available for enthusiasts to participate, it is important to try and run in all of them. That is how we are going to make the sport grow.

Every week a new organization or club forms to run smaller diesel events and that only helps us grow. This helps NADM not feel like we have to be every where around the country (this is a large country). Let us help the local organizations and clubs by supporting their efforts in DIESEL Motorsports!

I can't imagine if everyone picked sides and clubs to only run in because of their friends or they did not want to support someone else's efforts. This sport would get real small - real quick!

Coming from a automotive background I have yet to see a diesel only event consistently pull in large crowds (10,000 plus). We are still in a growth stage and need all of the help we can get in order to become a mainstream sport in this country.

This attitude stems from the people I talked about yesterday that seem to have a negative outlook for the sport. Small in numbers but the majority of the diesel enthusiasts need to help draw them into a positive frame of mind and drop the attitude. This will help the sport grow as a community instead of groups.

DIESEL Motorsports has come a long way in five years and we have seen a lot of changes but the enjoyment of the sport still lives in many of the enthusiasts that currently come and will come in the future.

Compete when and where you can, as much as you can . . . our sponsors appreciate you running more because you are going to want to get better with each pull and pass - and that takes parts!

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