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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater - DIESEL Motorsports!

I'm sure many of you have heard this saying, it actually originated from the European Dark Ages era when most families could not afford water and many members of the family had to use the same bath water. It was a privilege to take a bath and the head of household started first followed by his wife, oldest son and daughters and then finally to the baby. The baby was always last since it used the smallest amount of water and the saying comes from throwing out the last used dirty bath water.

Why the parity for DIESEL Motorsports?

We all have to remember this when any of us work hard toward a goal or a successful event that no matter how perfect or well run the event there is always the disgruntled attendee or competitor who came in last that wants to bash the event, bash the promoter, bash the sponsors, or bash other competitors.

If you actually count the number of attendees including competitors, 4,000 happy enthusiasts and let's see 10 complainers - pretty good odds!

Some one always doesn't like the rules, or the payouts, or the announcing, or the techs, or the list goes on and on . . .

We have heard it all and we do listen to the constructive criticism so we can make the next event better but it is pretty easy to pick out the bashers or disgruntled!

More positive is the 3,990 who praise those who have had a hand in the events and the development of DIESEL Motorsports. We just had a very successful event this last weekend - Weekend on the Edge and the last four events NADM has sanctioned has been very successful in attendance and competitors.

It's like in our country today, the media always feature the minority naysayers and complainers while the real workers, the silent majority keeps toiling away to make their payments and the economy grow.

All those involved need to remember this when the naysayers want their attention.

DIESEL Motorsports just had a very big positive this last weekend with Weekend on the Edge and another upcoming BIG event this weekend - Scheid's longtime event!

Let's remember NOT to throw out the baby (DIESEL Motorsports) with the dirty bath water!

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