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Monday, August 15, 2011

Afraid to compete? . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

I see and hear it all of the time! I am asked is this racer or that racer going to be there? Can I not be matched against this guy? Well so and so is here I guess I won't compete!

Did we get this way because the schools taught our young that everybody is a winner, there are no losers? Is that what we all have become?

Anytime we see any kind of competition against us we back down or don't compete because it's easier - is it easier?

I believe it all comes back to ego and pride for the individual, do they have enough confidence that what they have done to their truck is good enough to be scrutinized by fellow competitors?

Guys, there are no right answers or way, I have yet to find the perfect motor or truck, they all break and they all lose at one time or another. Even the top money funded trucks have fallen to mechanical mishaps and a lower quality truck has taken the win.

That's called competition.

There should be no shame in competition! At least you lined up or pulled with the best in your field. Even if you don't have a chance you gain a multitude of benefits . . .

• you get more experience
• you know exactly how your truck reacts during competition
• you know what you need to work on your truck to make it better! 

You can walk away saying at least I tried it instead of sitting on the sidelines and thinking I know how to do it right.

The world is full of people who think they know how to compete and most are sitting on the sidelines or behind a keyboard telling you that you did it all wrong during the competition.

DIESEL Motorsport's competitors are better than this, don't fall into this trap of a wanna-be . . . get behind the wheel and race or pull at the next event.

You don't have to push your truck to the point of breaking, push it to the area you know it is safe to compete and recognize at least I did it on the track where it counts instead of the streets.

Most of our experienced racers or pullers started where you did and would be happy to tell you the best way to get better during competition. I have personally taken young people over to experienced racers and pullers and asked for them if they could help explain the best way to compete. It's amazing how easy our guys will start telling you their experienced ways without talking down or bashing you. 

It seems the talking down and bashing comes from the sideline and keyboard inexperienced experts who I never see at the track competing.

What's the old saying . . . Don't talk the walk, walk the walk . . . or is it walk this way?

Be a big person and show our young competitors how to race or pull right beside you, it will make the sport grow!

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