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Friday, August 5, 2011

What's in the future for Diesel Motorsports?

This will be a series of articles since it is a lengthy subject so check back for continued postings . . .

After this week's activities in our Nation's capital I can safely say the economy will have a long term impact on our industry. Most of us will see it immediately because of the companies and their leaders who panic because of the news.

But most of us normal run of the mill guys will see little change in what we do everyday. Really, our diesel guys are too far down the food chain to be affected by the recent economic hiccups. We all will keep on showing up and doing our normal daily jobs, it's what we do because we are the working class.

Diesel shops will see more maintenance work on older trucks, more upgrades on used trucks! Most likely people will reframe from making large purchases such as a new truck, but the normal everyday purchasing will continue.

If the manufacturers want to continue selling products in the diesel market they will need to give the consumer a reason(s) to buy their products! A new approach on marketing or new products that will improve the diesel customer's truck will be the key for continued growth.

Our guys still need their trucks to get to work and uses them to get their daily work done. They will still come to the diesel events because it is the one thing they enjoy doing as a hobby and escape from daily work. The love of American's vehicles will never die, it's a institution that is to old to break!

Continued . . .

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