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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's just have some fun . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Most diesel enthusiast says the same thing at every event - "Let's just have some fun"!

Many attending show that exact attitude while competing in the events. I believe it's the same for most of us, we work hard all week and come the weekend you just want to blow off the worries of the week. For many it's showing their individuality by customizing their diesel trucks that are their work vehicles. 

Some of the displays of individuality becomes quite humorous but it is all done in fun. Again it goes back to the early days of Americana Hot Rods where each person wanted to change the automobile to show their personal individuality. Back them it became extreme too like the sample below!

The most fun is talking with each other on the improvements made to their diesel trucks and which products work best with their trucks. They compete in drag racing, sled pulling or dyno while talking about their accomplishments. They all come from hard working families and they respect each other's property. 

I have had many track owners and managers tell me that our group is the most well behaved and polite group that they have had in their facility. Yea they like to kick it up some after the competitions but who doesn't enjoy some good grilling and drinks after you work hard.

Will you find them back behind a desk in a cubicle come Monday morning, most likely not but they do come from all walks of life. From desk work to construction workers to farmers they all have one thing in common - diesel pickups!

The most important goal for the diesel enthusiast is to just have fun at the events - hopefully we help provide some of that fun!

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