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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As we grow the sport . . . DIESEL Motorsports . . .

NADM (DIESEL Motorsports) had a vision when we started:

• Provide a safe environment off of the streets to compete with performance diesels in drag racing and sled pulling
• Makes sure safety rules were backed by a National Organization such as SFI Foundation which is a standard of safety for NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA
• To ensure all fans, competitors and sponsors were covered by insurance backed by SFI for liability associated with motorsports (not the track insurance which only covers their track)
• To promote the sponsor's products and services to diesel enthusiasts and seek out new avenues for them to sell future products and services
• To promote new developments in performance diesel by manufacturers and competitors
• Make sure all events are FAMILY FRIENDLY while still having fun with all involved (acting responsibly within the sport)
• Keep the sport going by actively enrolling younger enthusiasts in Performance Diesel
• Supporting local diesel groups, clubs and associations (Affiliate Program) by offering help in marketing, PR, Media, Financial, and event organization.

We have tried to expand on all items listed above along with adding some new directives discussed during our Advisory Board Meetings held yearly.

Advisory Board Members are representatives that are from the sponsors, competitors and diesel business leaders. These positions and admittance is by invitation only in order to closely discuss  the past year and the direction of the new year. Generally about 15-20 in attendance discuss what needs to be done and suggestions are made that benefits all parties involved in DIESEL Motorsports.

The owners and Board members move forward every year realizing the direction is not for everyone and some may get left behind by not following the direction of the Board. This is called progress and in order to keep the sport alive and moving forward the Board acts in the best interest of the all people involved and does not favor one individual or business (even their own).

The idea is to compete in business on a level playing field just as the same goes for the competitors when we keep the rules equal for all across the country. DIESEL Motorsports does not favor local shop's trucks or customers when setting rules for National competition. They should be equal every where we go throughout the United States.

Yes we want all involved in DIESEL Motorsports to replicate, duplicate, and copy our direction because that will make the sport grow - just remember who and where the direction came from when promoting the sport.

Yes we have seen diesel events not just double in five years but easily triple which shows what we have been doing is working. We have not pounded our chests as much as others in the sport but stayed the course in business and quietly done the daily work to achieve our goals.

DIESEL Motorsports is growing!

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