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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How well are trucks selling in today's economy???

I can tell you from the diesel aspect the used truck market is very lucrative with pre-2007 models being heavily pursued by consumers! Pre-DPF is always in high demand for the diesel performance enthusiasts looking to get a little more out of their trucks.

But the new truck market is the one that helps fuel the economy and keeps the accessory and performance parts selling in the automotive aftermarket.

Here are some numbers for 2010 that should open your eyes if you have a small diesel shop or manufacture parts for our diesel performance market.

Truck Sales in HD (diesel) for 2010




Hottest months for truck sales in 2010:

Ford - May & Oct
GMC - May & Oct
Dodge - March & July

Market Share difference in 10 years:

2000/40% - 2010/38%

2000/29% - 2010/26%

2000/18% - 2010/14%

Diesel Fuel Price 2010:
Jan - $2.83 Gal
Dec - $3.32 Gal

Current Avg - $3.89 Gal

Full-size pickup truck sales rose 20.3 percent last year and were 13 percent of the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of all vehicles in December, a level not seen since 2008!

While nearly every full-size truck brand grew sales, Ford dominated with a 27.7 percent jump and a 38.6 percent share of the market, the largest share its held since 2001.

Now I can tell you from past years when truck sales goes up the auto aftermarket sales picks up across the board. Newer purchases of trucks turns their trucks over to the used market and the trickle down effect starts!

We saw that in the beginning of 2011 but slowed when fuel prices shot back up, now they have gone back down the sales have started to move again. Remember when the second largest sales month will start? October coming up quick!

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