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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pullers vs Racers . . . Diesel Motorsports!

To a serious diesel competitor NEVER call a racer a puller and NEVER call a puller a racer!

Most street division competitors compete in both divisions but the high performance competitor picks one or the other! Why?

The trucks are diesel and that is where it changes, the gearing is different, the equipment is different, the tires are different, the suspension is different and they will be happy to tell you what's different!

It's a rivalry that has been going on for years, like the Hatfields and McCoys. The Internet is full of bantering back and forth between the two divisions. Who dominates the Diesel Motorsports market, that's a argument right there!

But the true numbers favor the Pullers since pulling can be done about anywhere, fairgrounds, rodeo arenas, circle dirt tracks, farm fields, and about any place that has a good dirt track. Drag racing takes a dragstrip which are far less in numbers than dirt tracks.

Dragstrips are expensive to rent or find a time slot for diesels. Since there are more gas racing than diesels the tracks tend to book where the money and populated competitors are in large numbers.

Beside the good natured bantering most of the competitors still realize they are both diesel performance competitors and have great interest in what each other are doing to their trucks to make them run hotter.

Diesel Motorsports (NADM) tries to give both equal time and attention, that is why we went to combined events where fans can watch both!

Just make sure you know what the driver competes in before talking diesel - racing or pulling - or you may find yourself in a deep discussion!

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