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Monday, August 29, 2011

Policing our own events - it pays before the outsiders do it for us - Diesel Motorsports!

This entire diesel sport started around a barrel fire with a bunch of boys enjoying their trucks and drinking a few cold ones. Everyone wants to have fun! But the fun stops when it becomes overdone and other people's property becomes a victim. Your property, your truck, the streets, if you are the victim it isn't fun anymore.

Yes the bigger the party the bigger the crowd, we all built it that way for years. But in order to properly grow and get outsiders interested in DIESEL Motorsports common sense takes over and we have to police our own enthusiasts and crowds. Large companies do not want the liabilities associated with a unruly party crowd, too many lawyers and too many looking for a quick buck if someone gets injured.

We all like to have fun, including myself, but we all need to realize as a child (Diesel motorsports) grows discipline is needed for future living and being accepted by others. Same goes for these events, BE RESPONSIBLE AND RESPECTFUL to other people's property. If you don't then the outsiders (law enforcement) will do it for you and it will not be pleasant. What also happens is anyone else around those not being respectful will also be pulled in to be disciplined. 

Remember when your daddy used to hit you for something your brother did and you asked what was that for, and he said well you were right there you should have stopped him.

Same happens on the street, wrong place, wrong time! All I got to say is don't be mad at the promoter or group putting on the event - they setup the guidelines and it's up to us to help them follow the example and keep others from destroying the event for others.

You see somebody doing burnouts tell them to stop it! It always amazes me when we hold a burnout contest and only a couple of people sign up but yet dozens want to burn their tires in the pits or a side road! What are they thinking? DIESEL Motorsports has paid big money for you to do what you love to do legally on a strip or pull track and you want to do it illegally on the streets instead.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing this to happen, if you make it known that the sport is just that a diesel motorsport event and not party central -  then we can compete, enjoy the trucks, grill, have a couple of drinks and call it a night. 

For the most part the large majority of our enthusiasts think this way and act accordingly, however there are always just a few that ruin it for the rest. It's that way in life and we have to find a way to cope with them - like any good parent does - nip it in the bud! 

Let's have a good time, enjoy our diesel trucks and competitions, enjoy our company with others and respect other people's property and rights!

Then the events will draw families, outsiders, and larger companies because of the mainstream appearance of the shows. Many different motor sports have gone through the growing pains that we are currently experiencing and we can make it too - with a little help from our friends (enthusiasts)!

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  1. Well said Ron - This should be a family sport - one you can bring your child to enjoy at your side. Wouldn't you want your child or spouse to be safe?