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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You get what you pay for!!! DIESEL Motorsports

I'm sure you have heard it many times "You get what you pay for"?

I was told this many times while growing up along with "if it's too good to be true, it's most likely not"!

Many people have called me a skeptic, cautious, sarcastic but overly optimistic! I think one gets that way from living in a conservative state Missouri (the Show-Me-State) and a conservative farm bred family.

It also comes from being in business for yourself for over 25 years, yes, 25 years I have worked for myself as a marketing/advertising consultant. You have been shown the carrot too many times and seen too many deals where the other guy gets the carrot and you end up with the uneatable wilted green portion.

How does this relate to DIESEL Motorsports®?

As a small diesel shop you face the same challenges as I have everyday of the week. I can tell you buying the cheaper import parts will not save you money or get you the job, and you may get the job but it will keep coming back to you for repairs if you buy the cheaper parts.

Most of you already know this since I have been told by many of the diesel shops, don't even talk to me about your sponsor's parts if they are from overseas. When you are in business for yourself you get pretty smart, pretty quick!

How many times have you been sold performance parts and in turn, sold it to your customer only to have them returned it when it doesn't perform. You learn real quick which parts to sell and who stands behind their manufacturing. We have tried to align DIESEL Motorsports® with companies who stand behind their products for our Association's members.

I think it's also about integrity and creditability regarding your product and services. Right now that is the only thing Americans have to sell since so much of our manufacturing has been moved out of the country by big corporations.

DIESEL Motorsports® tries to carry this same ethics of business to our sponsors, we try to be as honest as can be when reporting our efforts at the events to project their product's image and message. We strive to offer as much ROI as possible for what we charge for sponsorship. It's important to us that we pick the right partners to help us build DIESEL Motorsports® for the future.

Yes we consider every sponsor, competitor and fan as a partner in building DIESEL Motorsports®!

Is there always someone cheaper out there, sure around every corner, but do you get what you pay for?

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