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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Diesel Motorsports is Alive and Well in Salt Lake City!

What a Weekend on the Edge! Drags Friday night 94 trucks, 3-4000 people in the stands! Saturday Dyno at Edge, over 100 trucks, free food, 2-3000 people! Saturday night sled pull at Pioneer Stadium, 70 trucks pulling in front of 2-3000 people!

As posted last, the Weekend on the Edge was one fun show that again showed the progress of DIESEL Motorsports where that many diesel competitors and fans can gather and enjoy the sport with their families without any incidents that would disrupt the positive direction for the sport.

Over 71 trucks registered for ET Bracket racing at Rocky Mountain Raceway! Everything from 9 second diesel altered to 21 second trucks ran in front 3-4,000 fans that packed the stands. When the show was over 4 hours later and the track started their Midnight runs the stands emptied to about 500 people.

That folks - tells me they came to see our diesel performance trucks! 20 or more trucks competed in the Unlimited and Quick Diesel classes along with some exhibition runs by High Tech Turbo's Boneshaker.

. . . and a FIRST, a little petite blond named Lynn Ross from Columbus Ohio took first in the Quick Diesel class (12.0 Index), Congratulations! Yes, your second place fellow was taking a ribbing the next day at the Edge Dyno days about being beat beat by a girl! I told him I would get him a pink NADM t-shirt signed by Lynn sent to him this next week! He was quite impressed with Lynn's abilities at the lights.

The air was a little thin and humid at the dragstrip Friday night so it played with all of the trucks tuning and many of the times were short of what all were trying to achieve - but then again, that's racing at different levels of atmosphere.

The dyno days were packed with customers of Edge and they showed their appreciation for their fans by feeding them lunch! Trucks were lined up all day at both dynos trying to hit the high number purse of $1000. Everyone viewed each others trucks and visited all day long until the sled pulls.

Edge uses this time every year to personally thank all of their customers and vendors who carry their products. The entire staff of Edge shows to dyno trucks, serve lunch and talk with customers.

Just a mile from the dyno days at Pioneer Stadium in Ogden NADM held the sled pulls with over 70 trucks competing in five classes that evening. Over 2,500 people filled about a third of the stadiums capacity but it was all their parking could handle, we had them double parked on the local streets. Diesel trucks are bigger than cars I guess!

Sled pulling is growing out West with the help of one of NADM's Affiliates United Truck & Tractor Pullers Association. We have been working with them for three years at trying to build the numbers for diesel trucks and it showed at this event.

The vendors in Vendor Alley enjoyed lots of diesel fans along with the food and beer vendors who all ran out of their supplies again this year. A good problem to have!

What a beautiful setting for a pulling competition with mountains surrounding the stadium. Trucks from a 4 state area competed in 5 classes plus a tractor exhibition called Barnstormer that ended the program with a huge pull of 313 feet!

One bright young man with a 2006 Dodge truck used some strategy to take the both titles of the street classes for drag racing and sled pulling -

ET Bracket Class
1st Chris Kendall Rock Springs, WY 15.00 14.99 91.00

Workstock Class
1st- Chris Kendall Rock Springs, WY 286.4

Chris works for Addicted Diesel in Rock Springs Wyoming and had just got his 2006 Dodge after rolling his brand new Dodge just a few months before the event. I would say someone is trying to give a little back to him!

What a great weekend with good crowds at all three events which occurred at three different locations, one in Salt Lake City and two in Ogden Utah! A very nice "Weekend on the Edge" by DIESEL Motorsports®!

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