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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diesels compete in Big Sky Country!

Rock Springs Wyoming this last Saturday saw one heck of a show under beautiful weather conditions! The Sweetwater Events Complex invited NADM back this year with a diesel sled pulling show for their week long fair. With over $10,000 of purses being offered we saw trucks from all over the country, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah!

A NADM affiliate,  United Truck Tractor Pulling Association helped with the pull by using their sled and putting on a tractor, gas truck show before the diesels took the track. The preliminary show warmed up the crowd for seeing some really great Western diesel pulling trucks with some visitors from the Midwest such as Garrett Shield's Black Ice 3.0 truck, Ben Miller's Double Overtime Modified truck and Bobby Ezell's Pullin for the Cure truck.

With over 60 hooks the fair crowd saw some great competition with local trucks pulling against many outsider trucks. That is what makes a pull like this fun, a opportunity for local diesels to see how they stack up against other diesels in the country. Like any competitor, they all want their truck to win and running every couple of weeks against the local pullers they can measure each other up pretty quick. Bring in some new blood and it makes it even more competitive and makes for a great show.

I have to say the locals held their own against the outsiders with some pretty stout trucks! From just a state away Rowdy Bydalek from Colorado with his Rough & Rowdy truck took top spots in 2.6 and 3.0 classes. Locals Tom Hansen, Ryan Thain and Toby Moses had some tough trucks that took top spots in 2.6 and the 3.0 classes competing tough against Garrett Shields, winner in the 3.0 class.

The big runoff was in the Modified Class with two strong locals Ken Jones(2 Wild Diesel) and Jason Stott(Addicted Diesel) against Indiana's Ben Miller's Ford(Double Overtime)! Ken took the title winning over Ben with a 10 ft difference at 310.4 ft!

Even though they were tough on the track competing with each other I saw both Ken and Jason come over to Ben before the event discussing track and atmosphere conditions for the 6800 ft elevation in Rock Springs. 

I see this willingness to help from our diesel competitors all over the country, makes you feel good about our sport and who is involved. It shows what type of people represent DIESEL Motorsports anywhere in the country!

For a complete listing of who won go to www.DIESELmotorsports.US under news on the front page!

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