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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you want to help BUILD the sport? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

I hear this a lot from people who claim to want to help the sport, but are they really? Or is it their own agenda for building the sport? You have to ask yourselves this question, I ask myself the question all of the time?

Yes, it has to make good business sense to what you are doing for the sport but the big question is - is it benefiting more then one person in the sport?

If you are on a tight budget these days, the best way to help the sport is to support your local diesel performance shop! They need the work and buy our sponsor's products! This in turn allows the sponsors to help pay us for putting on bigger events and pay the purse monies for competition.

By paying you cash purse monies the NADM Advisory Board has decided this is the best way for them to give back to the sport and in turn hopefully you will buy their products from local performance shops. That is why we ask that you put their decals on at each event in order to show support for those who are supporting you, sounds fair right?

I know budgets are tight so save and come to one of the big events that is getting media coverage so the rest of the country can see that the sport is growing. Yes, going to small local events is also good, that is why NADM supports those groups through the Affiliate programs. Supporting local county fairs and associations helps build the sport on a local level which in turn keeps the local performance shops busy.

If you are doing events stay in touch with other clubs or groups so you don't run into each other! Gene is constantly checking with local groups to make sure some of the trucks shooting for points do not have to make that decision of which group to pick over to attend. We have even moved class order during events so the locals can make it to their point pulls.

Are you helping the sport by over running the other's events and trying to convince top competitors to come to your event - I don't think so! The draw-a-line in the sand club on the forums are not really helping the sport grow, ask how that worked out in the sport compact market a few years ago? 

For the most part the diesel clubs and associations we have worked with are very affable and quite willing to work with us in order to build the sport. There are some really nice people in the sport and I have to say it's a pleasure working with them to build DIESEL Motorsports®!

This is not a cheap sport by any means so it does make a difference where you spend your dollars, buying your products at the events is helpful because it shows the sponsors and vendors who have spent monies to be there that it is worth attending the shows. NADM saw great support of purchasing products at the A&A Diesel East Coast Nationals in Pennsylvania just a couple of weeks ago!

We have seen some improvement and advancements in the sport this year and it continues to grow with some slight changes that are for the betterment of the sport. Despite tight economic times the true diesel enthusiasts are trying to support DIESEL Motorsports® in the right way!

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