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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working the Diesel Circuit . . .

I get asked all of the time by manufacturers how do I reach the diesel shops and consumers? 

It's easy really, you have to work at it by coming to the events, walking the pit areas and talking to the attendees. Sure you can advertise in the two diesel magazines, banner ads on diesel web sites, and sign up with NADM as a sponsor, that will get you exposure!

But to better understand how your product is accepted in the marketplace, you need to talk to the people using the products and tell them how your product will be a benefit to them. Most of the diesel crowd will tell you honestly what they think of your product and give you ideas on how it would work for them.

It's call research and marketing, gathering of information before reacting in the marketplace. If you think you know it all, think again, consumer behavior changes every 6 months depending on the economy and geographic location of consumers.

Yes, I tell people wanting to get into our market to come and talk firsthand to the shops and consumers at the shows, then let me know if you are still interested in DIESEL Motorsports®!

It takes more than one time to come out and talk to the diesel consumer, they want to see a company who is committed to the sport that they can rely on for customer service. Customer service and communication is a very big benefit our diesel consumers value!

The biggest complaint I get from diesel consumers about manufacturers is customer service - number one complaint! I never get a call back is what I am told, so they move on to the next company and you just lost a customer. The old saying goes it takes three times the effort to obtain a new customer than retaining an existing customer does apply with our diesel crowd.

Don't second guess your business direction in marketing and advertising from so called experts, come out to find out for yourself! 

Just how important is your business anyway?

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