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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New World Records on the Horizon?

I am expecting great things to happen this weekend in Diesel Drag Racing! New World records will hopefully be set at the Numidia track this weekend. Now more than ever new technology has some of the best diesels coming to Numidia this weekend and most burning CLEAN diesel!

The new restructured Unlimited Class for 1/4 will see new records set in a heads up Pro Tree race. Two of the country's fastest diesels represented by Matt Handwork and Jeff Dean among others will set a respectable record most likely in the low 10s or the high 9s for a four wheel drive full size pickup.

This class was combined with last year's Pro Street which was a diesel only class that saw the numbers lessen every year. Most racers have switched to NOS or advanced programming that allows them to reach high speeds through advanced technology in DIESEL Motorsports.

Wade Moody's S-10 has already set a record for 1/8 mile in Pro Diesel so reaching the 1/4 mile record is within reach if the right conditions exist. He ran 8.04 last weekend at a IHRA event and needs to break 8.06 plus back it up within 1%! Wade's S-10 burns completely clean diesel with only a single 3 lb bottle of NOS along with #2 Diesel fuel.

Also possibly attending is the Nitrous Express Rail in the Top Diesel Class which has run in the 7s in the past. Still early in development for this diesel but it does has promise to also set a World record very soon! This rail is also a very clean burning diesel using new technology with NOS injection along with precise tuning!

A World Record is verified by a sanctioning body as a speed record. A sanctioning body carries the accreditation from SFI as a rule sanctioned body with it's own licensed techs and SFI approved insurance based on their safety equipment. NADM is the only DIESEL sanctioning body that can legally claim World Records. Setting a record run with the NHRA/IHRA using their techs and time slips is quite an accomplishment but with both not having structured classes for diesels they will not record it as World Records.

It's important to set an example for the other classes and trucks to shoot for the record times. All of the teams that I mentioned represent a professional image for diesel motorsports and conducts themselves and crew accordingly. 

It's been a lot of hard work by these racers and believe me when I say I will not go without saying the pullers have just as much to show and prove this weekend. I will discuss them in tomorrow's blog!

Greatness is only proved by what we do not what we say . . . 

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