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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Competition is GOOD, business is picking up!

Competition is always good, it makes us better at doing business everyday. I always consider it a compliment when others copy what we have modeled and setup as doing business in a professional manner. It's the same in DIESEL Motorsports as it is in your own business.

NOW is the time to take a few minutes a day to think about how to improve your business through new innovative ways that will make you a profit. As a Diesel Motorsport business we are already taking a hard look at a direction for next year in order to capitalize on what worked this year.

Lean and Mean Management was the buzz word a couple of years ago for large companies, what they didn't know, small businesses developed the concept years ago in order to survive the early 2000-2002 downturn in the economy.

Even with the bank's tight restrictions on loaning to small and large businesses we have figured out how to survive with current national cash flow. It seems that businesses have figured how to do it while our Congress still struggles to live within their budgets.

But isn't that's the way it has always been? The small business and private sector has set the stage for how business is conducted in our great nation. Take time in your day to STOP, think about what you are doing, and look at new possibilities that might be a new avenue of business that is profitable.

Buyers in DIESEL Motorsports are looking for products made in the USA, and sold to them by Americans! Call it a conservative group or buyers who are just proud of their country and the creditability behind American products.

Okay enough of my soapbox rantings and on to some good news! I have heard from the major warehouses that business is up and in a majority of areas most diesel shops are quite busy.

This reflects on what was released this last week by the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration that national gas prices have dropped approximately 46 cents since early May, currently sitting near $3.50 per gallon. Gas prices have been a largely discussed topic since February when they rose sharply, peaking at a national average of $3.97 in early May.

*Demand for vehicle leases in the mid-size truck and SUV category on has risen an average of 8.3 percent compared with June 1 levels.

“Throughout spring when gas prices rose sharply, the anticipated ascension of fuel-efficient vehicle demand came to fruition,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of “But interest in mid-size trucks and SUVs was more prevalent than in 2008 because of a stable economy. With gas prices easing off their highs, car lease shoppers have started to inquire about truck and SUVs feeling less financial pressure at the pump.”*

New truck and SUV purchases always equates to more sales for automotive aftermarket products even in Diesel Motorsports. SEMA has done enough research to show that a new purchased vehicle gets more spent on it then used, however because of the DPF vehicles the pre-2007 trucks still remain in high demand in the diesel marketplace.

If you STOP and LOOK, there is always business just around the corner if you keep peeking around that corner!

* Source RV PRO Magazine

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