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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I need more cowbell! Diesel Motorsports it's a fever . . .

If some of you remember the old Saturday Night Live skit where Chris Walken kept running out during the Blue Oyster Cult skit yelling "I need more cowbell! It's a fever baby!" Many of the diesel enthusiasts get this same feeling when working on and driving their diesel trucks!

Granted the trucks are big already, lifted a little if it's a 4x4, and already sounds bad, but it all starts when someone suggests putting a simple programmer box on to get more power and better mileage. 

Then you need a little larger air intake to bring more airflow into the system. Well, then you need hotter injectors and before that a bigger fuel injection pump to fuel the hotter injectors. Then a bigger turbo which of course outputs to a larger exhaust system . . . do you hear it . . . I need more cowbell!

Once you added all of the above you definitely need stronger engine components such as studs, valves, rods, pistons and more and more, it's hotter I feel feverish!

Well then the shocks, brakes, transmission, tie rods, driveshaft,  rearend all need to be upgraded to handle the extra torque and power. 

Now that is just to get it running better - now for the cosmetics, always a big bumper for the front and rear, tubes or steps so you can get into the lifted truck, tonneau cover to hide your stuff, twin pipes out of the bed and larger wheels and tires! I NEED MORE COWBELL!

And yes, I have seen a cowbell on the hitch among other parts of the bull's anatomy!

DIESEL Motorsports® - It's a fever!


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