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Friday, July 15, 2011

Target on your back!

I'm sure you have heard the saying "you must be doing it right because of the big target on your back!". Well we must be doing it right. It's quite the compliment when the people who want to be Diesel Motorsports keep copying and emulating everything we do or accomplish!

With our 5th year coming up we have brought Diesel Motorsorts to the mainstream by putting it on TV, expanding media coverage outside of the two diesel magazines, brought in non-diesel related sponsors, coined the phrase "Diesel only National Event", and defined the market for Diesel Motorsports by gathering market data for sponsors.

The mainstream diesel enthusiast are responding in a positive way, by coming to the events! When vendors setup at our events they know true diesel fans are coming through the gates - not Jr dragsters, gassers, semis or tractor enthusiasts.

They can tell by the way the fans purchase equipment for their diesel.

Yes the future for Diesel Motorsports is the mainstream enthusiast, because they show the most potential for buying products for the trucks. The older diesel segment who thought they had the market to themselves are finding out that is not the case anymore. Every time they look up a new diesel shop or racer/puller is out producing them and breaking new records!

New technology and mainstream marketing are out pacing them in Diesel Motorsport's marketplace. So I take it as a huge compliment we are being copied as we move forward and break new ground for the sport.

But watch out, you won't believe what we have planned next for Diesel Motorsports!

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