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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog Days quickly approaching . . .

I think they are already here because of the immense heat that has hit most of the states. Makes it a little harder to go outside for your local sled pull when it barely gets under 90 degrees at night. That won't stop the small town county fair sled pulls that most of our diesel pullers rely on for purses and the opportunity to pull!

From the Missouri line all the way to the end of Pennsylvania there is a sled pull every night of the week in each state with multiple pulls many nights. It's a tradition within the farming communities that will not go away for many years to come.

That's why Diesel Motorsports® will be around for many many years, it's the rural community and their use of diesel pickups that makes up the large segment of the market.

Yes we read and talk about the big trucks, big players in the sport but it's the normal street user of diesel pickups that are buying our sponsor's products. They keep the sport going by attending the local diesel pulls, buying a few parts to make their truck better at the local pull, then a few get the bug and advance to the bigger events.

The base that all businesses need in order to continue to operate. That's why you'll find NADM trying to help the local pulls through the Affiliate Program. We realize that the smaller clubs and fairs need help in promoting the events, funding, insurance and even publicity surrounding their event. The Affiliate Programs covers the items mentioned above and then some, we provide SFI Techs, sponsor's prizes and many more benefits for the local pulls and races.

Want to hit more events, check your local fairboard or some of the state's pulling associations and clubs.

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