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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who's going to buy your product??? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

Who do you think is going to buy your product within the diesel performance marketplace? 

Is it the high-end racer or puller with a 1200 hp or greater truck? Or is it the normal street driving diesel truck who wants to be like the high-end performance truck?

If you are into manufacturing and moving mass amounts of parts and products my guess is you are going after the second group! 

Unfortunately Diesel Motorsports is still a young age and we cannot boast of 30 or even 20 high-end diesels that are faster than the 9 second, 1/4 mile. We have a few but the sport is still growing so . . . the majority of the market is street trucks that have bolt-on performance parts or accessories.

In fact we have a lot of street trucks that are driven daily and converted to competitive vehicles during the weekends. More and more trucks are being built specifically for pulling and racing and being trailered to events but the number of street trucks out number them 10 to 1.

So if you are building and selling parts for the Diesel Motorsports enthusiasts and you want to sell more parts you market to the larger group. By taking the sport mainstream you attract more and more of the regular truck being used in the work place and get them interested in our sport. Then it's like an addiction, more power, more parts, always an upgrade and the thirst for more power continues.

It's like the old muscle car craze but in four wheel drive!

Those who market wisely will go after the volume sales, more parts sold, more money made and it is called profitable progress (business).

The higher-end Gen 1 Dodge competitor doesn't even use most of the products sold today in the market place. However, the newer generation of diesel engines are electronic and some of the younger enthusiasts are breaking new ground with what's being offered up to them by innovative diesel performance manufacturers.

Every week practically a new advancement in technology is launched by a company providing diesel performance parts or accessories.

I can tell you most of our high-end competitors use Dodge trucks with Duramax quickly coming behind them, but the fan base watching from the stands is more Ford driven trucks. Why you ask?

Ford has always produced almost twice as many diesel trucks yearly as the other two OEMs. They are lower priced and more widely used by fleets than the other two making them more available.

Are you seeing where I'm going with this? Find out what market segment your products fit and how to go after the right group before launching your product's advertising/marketing.

The sponsors NADM currently has benefits and sells more products to the diesel performance street trucks, because that is where the numbers are for the time being.

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