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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterbacks in Diesel Motorsports???

You bet there is . . . I'm guilty like everyone else when attending an event! If I was doing this I would have done so and so differently because . . .!

It is easy to do when on the outside looking in and not understanding what is involved on all aspects of the business. What's important to you is the top priority of the show, however to the promoter or sanctioning body they have many groups and people they must satisfy in order to keep doing what they are doing for a business.

The sponsors want a certain outcome for the events and what's in their contracts must be adhered to at the event by the promoter. Is this worth doing and spending their marketing dollars wisely? Was their decals on all of the trucks? Was their banners hung in a good position and their names announced during the event?

The insurance company demands certain check points and rules are followed or they will not cover the liability at the event in case something does happen at the event. Safety is always in the mind of the promoter and is not always a favorite to follow among our crowd of racers/pullers.

The facility wants the show to fit their demands since it is their property and the promoter must adhere to what is in their contract as far as the use of the facility. Does the facility have adequate services such as restrooms, food, parking, personnel, lighting, sound system?

The competitors expect certain fairness and competition rules are followed in order to give them a fair chance among competitors to win their class. They have spent a lot of their personal money on the truck and want to win. Is the sanctioning body sticking to their rules to keep cheaters out and making it fair? Did the rules change to favor a local group(NADM's stay the same all year)?

The fans want to see a exciting show to feel they got their monies worth. Was there enough to do and keep them entertained for the evening? Yes, they enjoy seeing carnage on the track just like NASCAR but we all cringe when something blows because we know what it costs! If it was a good night's entertainment then they will pay the entry next time and come back to a similar show.

Last, but not least is the sanctioning body or promoter! Is this worth doing at this location and did we make any money at the event. I can tell you personally, we evaluate all aspects of a location. Was the track easy to work with for the event? Was the crowd worth building on for the future? Did our sponsors sell parts or interest for their services or parts? Was it a safe location and enough competitors to put on a good show in order to draw the fan base? Did the event get local support from businesses and local diesel shops? Was there adequate services to support an event such as close hotels, gas stations, restaurants, a Walmart (lol), airport access, highway access and proper law enforcement?

As you can see there is a lot of people that want to be happy about the outcome of an event, so put yourself in these shoes to answer all of the questions above! Then please make suggestions to us a couple of days later, we are always looking for ways to improve events for all of the groups mentioned above, however remember the ultimate decision belongs to the person(s) putting up the funds for the event!

So when you ask next time how come you do not have a open class for trucks, how come you can't look the other way on safety equipment, how come the sled was set for a short track, how come we can't stand next to the barriers, how come there are not enough vendors, how come you can't allow burnouts in the parking lot, how come we can't drink and compete, and how come it costs so much?

We know the answers to all of the questions and believe me, we evaluate all of them every event!

Note: Because of attending a family funeral out of the area I will not post a new entry till Monday July 11. I will think of a very good topic while away!

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