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Sunday, July 17, 2011

There's trucks in them hills!

Yes there is and in the North East part of our great country! Numidia Dragway was packed with trucks and more trucks on Saturday at the Diesel East Coast Nationals! Newbies to this event asked me before they got there, why are you having it at such a remote location? When they got there, saw the view of the mountains, the corn fields, all of the diesel trucks, all of the vendors, and all of the fans they told me, "Okay I now know why you chose this place it's beautiful and what a perfect setting for trucks!"

Over 180 trucks showed up to compete in the A&A Diesel East Coast Nationals, I haven't counted the ticket stubs yet but the park was full of people and trucks.

On top of the mountain no one seem to care or notice the convergence of trucks that invaded the mountain top and then there was the drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competition!

I'll expand more on it tomorrow but just wanted to thank all who helped, the vendors, A&A personnel, the fans, the competitors, our staff and the the local businesses who backed the event!

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