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Monday, July 18, 2011

Heading in the right direction - Diesel Motorsports!

I'm sure you have been in my position, you work, and work, and work, and wonder if your goals are ever going to be met? Feel like that sometimes?

After the event in Numidia PA this weekend I can tell you for Diesel Motorsports, it's starting to happen and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Huge thanks goes out to our partners in the event A&A Automotive, great group of guys who worked relentlessly to make sure a storefront was available for Vendor Alley. Thanks goes out to our staff who shows up to every event with very little pay and makes every thing work and pull together, registration, races, pulls, teching, gate, and the list goes on!

We experienced a great crowd of fans who like most, backed their trucks up to the fence and put up their pop-ups, coolers and grills to watch DIESEL drag racing and sled pulling. Kudos to the competitors who put on a great show for the fans, those diesel trucks owners in the North East know power and their diesels. We had some great diesel drag racers and pullers for the sled pulling, I noticed a huge line up at Mass Diesel's Dyno!

It was a family event with children running everywhere looking at the big trucks, no problems with the crowd, or smoking tires, or rowdy truckers! I guess I can thank the people of the North East for their actions and purchases in the Vendor Alley.

As always there was a few hiccups but that happens at events and they were handled in a professional way. It was the type of event DIESEL Motorsports can be proud of after it was over.

High end diesels like Moody's S-10 which ran a 5.40 in a 1/8th and Nitrous Express's Duramax rail made an impressive run down the track for the crowd. Sled Pulling saw some high end trucks like Cliff Carnes and Wayne Greier's over 2,000 Horsepower trucks putting a great show for the fans. The pullers in the area had some of the most powerful trucks we have seen in the past, should have a pull off between them and the Midwest trucks in the future!

Yes, it makes me feel good about the outcome of the show when we can do this in a down economy and people want to spend their hard earned dollars to see DIEESEL Motorsports!

I will be evaluating the numbers, stats, data and reporting those in the next few days!

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