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Monday, July 11, 2011

Diesels in the oddest locations!

Just four years ago Chance called me from Keystone Automotive/A&A Stores about a diesel event near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He had been to one of our PA events along with a local diesel club member and liked what he saw in diesel motorsports.  He called out of the blue and I had never met or talked to Chance before, he inquired about holding a diesel truck event near his stores at a little track in Numidia PA. 

When I flew up to meet him and his team it was a first for me visiting this part of the country. Very beautiful area with the Poconos mountains and small towns/boroughs they are called, nestled into the beautiful forests. Chance informed me he wanted to hold an event at the Numidia Dragway.

I told myself you got to be kidding me! This location has nothing our other locations have for support, no large towns nearby, no hotels, no sled pulling track, on top of a mountain (literally), farms all around it and in eastern PA. 

Chance had a vision and knew his area quite well having worked it for the A&A Stores for a few years. He saw something I did not and knew what was possible, you know the old saying "Build it and they will come!" 

Since it was an unsure thing I told Chance they would have to bear a lot of the initial start up costs, putting in a sled pull track, setting up a large tent for Vendor Alley and staffing for a lot of the event.

A&A stepped up big time and for the first time ever in the country fans got to watch diesel pickup drag racing and sled pulling at the same time competing from their same seats. The first year was a big surprise at the numbers from the NE area of the country, trucks we had never seen before and shops finally getting recognition for their work on diesels.

Yes I don't mind saying I was wrong about this event and area and Chance was right! This event has grown every year and keeps getting bigger and bigger with it's 3rd year coming up this weekend. Chance had a vision for the trucks in his area and the A&A stores . . . it's a nice area to visit in the summer because of the mountains and local attractions.

Most of all, coming to see different trucks that many of us only get to see once a year at the A&A Diesel East Coast Nationals!

. . . and don't forget your wish list A&A Store's Wholesale tent has bargains for any truck performance part or accessories at a unbelievable show price just for this day!

Diesels nestled in the mountains of upper New York and Pennsylvania and even from Long Island, this event draws them out!

See you there this Saturday.

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