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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Continued . . . the right direction!

What will make DIESEL Motorsports® grow? Getting more people with diesels to come to the events, buy more diesel performance products, keep their diesels instead of smaller vehicles, follow what is the newest technology in diesels, realize the entertainment value of a diesel show . . . the list can go on and on!

It's a circle of business that involves all parties of making DIESEL Motorsports® work. First you need the competitors who race or pull with their diesel trucks in order to provide the entertainment for the sport, then the sponsors who provide the purses/monies that the competitors want in order to compete, and then the  fans who want to feel they got their monies worth of entertainment watching a DIESEL Motorsport® show

Without one or the other the circle collapses and as a business it fails. In order for the sponsors to feel it is worth putting money out for the purses they need to see competitors and fans buying their products and services. In order for the competitor to feel like it is worth it they want to see bigger purses and fans watching them perform during the event. Fans want entertainment and value at the show, was the competition good and was there other things to look at and do at the event.

Not in a long time have I seen all three work together really well until this weekend at the A&A Diesel East Coast Nationals in Numidia, PA!

There was fast trucks in drag racing, a couple of 9s and low 10s in the Unlimited class, a couple of Top Diesel Dragsters, quite of few very high powered sled pulling trucks well over 1600 horse power and a dyno king who topped 1040rwhp and 1756rwtq as a street truck (daily driver), okay there's the competitors!

There was well over 3500 fans making this a whole family event with women and children attending with their spouses providing the crowd that the competitors and sponsors want in the circle. Plenty for them to watch including  drag racing, sled pulling, dyno, Vendor Alley and even a monster truck that gave fake washable tattoos to the kids! Bargains galore for diesel performance parts was available at the A&A Automotive Wholesale tent. Beautiful weather helps in an event such as this last weekend.

Sponsors sold diesel performance parts and accessories to both parties and reported back healthy sales  which of course means that the other two parts of the circle of business was present. A&A Automotive went to great expense to put up the tents, bring in the inventory along with the personnel to properly man the wholesale tent. They were busy for most of the day and sold lots of product to those seeking bargains for their diesel parts and truck accessories.

Close to 200 trucks competed in drag racing, sled pulling, dyno and show-n-shine for the one day event at Numidia Dragway. The most impressive statistic of the day, not one incident of mis-behavior or trouble out of either parties, that tells me we are doing it right and heading in the right direction for DIESEL Motorsports®!

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