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Friday, July 29, 2011

Who is the Diesel enthusiast?

I ran our membership through a national profile database after the first year and I need to do it again because I think it has changed dramatically over the past five years!

It is definitely white, rural America but the age used to be 35-55 (over 80%)! Now the age group has changed picking up ages 20-30 (now at 50%) with more female membership than ever before plus still holding on to the older age group. This is a good thing!

Everyone knows having a younger age group to carry on the sport will continue our growth pattern well into the future. Some of the other Hot Rod markets are aging and not replacing the buyers with younger enthusiasts. Why have they not picked up the youth markets, it takes a lot of money to afford a musclecar or roadster.

To get into a performance diesel is pretty feasible for most of these young people. Take a aging diesel truck with 200-300,000 miles on it, easy buy for $5-15,000! Add another $2-5,000 for the performance additions in order to get a 500-700 horsepower diesel truck that will get 20 mpg - pretty easy to do and look cool! Can't do that with a musclecar or import, it would cost you much more to get to that level with a older Mustang or Camero or Lancer!

We are seeing more and more 1s Gen Dodges starting to become less dominant replaced by 2nd and 3rd gen Dodges which is a favorite among the younger diesel heads. Plus the Duramax is coming on strong as a tough competitor with dual turbos.

The younger market  are very independent individuals who are self sufficient plus being very hard workers while holding 1-3 jobs to get what they want for a lifestyle. Their spirit is strong and alive, I find many of them invigorating!

Why? Because they have a drive to accomplish goals that I find missing in a lot of the younger people I meet outside in the normal population. Everyone now wants something for nothing and almost expect it. Being self-employed myself for 25 years I had to be very self-sufficient with a strong drive for reaching goals, I find the same spirit in our younger diesel guys and girls!

This winter I plan to run our membership through the same census database and I will reveal my exact findings!

Yes in my opinion DIESEL Motorsports® is getting the best of the population's offspring as members to continue our sport into the future!

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