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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can I sell or make product for Diesel Motorsports?

If you have heard of Diesel Motorsports or have been to an event, then asked yourself, should we be making a product or selling to this marketplace?

I have been asked that more and more as the conventional channels for distribution for truck parts and accessories have become weak. The answer is yes if you are willing to work at it and invest the time to properly find out what will sell within the marketplace.

The diesel consumer is looking for quality parts and accessories, hopefully made in the US, and they enhance the performance or looks of their truck.

Price is always a factor but if it's made for longevity and quality, they don't mind paying for it.

I went to the MPMC council three years ago and not many manufacturers made parts/accessories for our diesel guys. I saw everyone there was to see in just about a day (meetings every 30 minutes).

Three years later the companies I talked to three years ago are now making parts for the diesel marketplace and every timeslot for three days was filled with manufacturers asking about Diesel Motorsports! Three years ago companies such as Carrillo, Mahle, and Victor Reinz was asking what our guys needed and could they help supply those much needed parts? Today they are actively selling parts within the marketplace and making headway for providing products for Diesel Motorsports.

Every year I talk to new companies wanting to gain some market into diesels, and there is still a lot of parts that are needed to meet the demand of the performance diesel truck enthusiast.

Don't forget that these vehicles in Diesel Motorsports are still TRUCKS! They still are in need of conventional accessories and parts. The used market for these trucks have shot through the roof and reman OEM parts and accessories are a big seller to our 2nd and 3rd owners of these trucks.

This has become a hobby for these guys so every owner makes his truck his own by adding steps, tonneau covers, grilles, hoods, gauges, lights, wheels, tires, etc.

One of our newcomer in diesel accessories is Covercraft for their seatsavers, our guys use these all of the time. Like we have stated in the past, our guys use their trucks for work and seatcovers are used all of the time, Covercraft found out real quick after coming to one event and talking to the enthusiasts.

What parts and accessories are left that these guys need? Email me and let's discuss it! There's a lot of areas that have not been addressed . . .

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