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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Products coming for Diesel Motorsports . . .

Fall is always a good time for companies to release new products. I'm at the PWA conference this week which is the first of many Fall industry shows and conferences, and there are many manufacturers with new products for the diesel industry.

It's always exciting to hear about the products they have worked on for the year and use the Fall shows to launch the products. Many of the manufacturers have had a tough year but they are still looking for new markets and producing new products to sell to the diesel crowds.

I come to the shows to look for such products and convey the information back to our members. Soon as I get back I'll write about some of the new products.

It is encouraging to see the interest in Diesel Motorsports from the many different manufacturers because they have started to hear about our sport through the industry.

This tells me we have finally started to slowly make our way into the mainstream. A goal NADM has had since we started it.

It is also good to see the PWA growing again and getting the activity back for the automotive warehouse distributors.

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