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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Support your local club or organization . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

There are now many, many different local diesel clubs and organizations! They are popping up in all states where enthusiasts tend to gather, most started at the local diesel shop on a dyno day or open house.

This is a good thing for DIESEL Motorsports®, it shows us the sport is growing and we are here to support those who want it.

We actually have several groups and events as part of our DIESEL Motorsports affiliate program, some ask for marketing support, some funding, some insurance, some consultation, some paperwork/organization and others just because they want to help the sport grow!

As long as it is an event where diesel trucks or vehicles are included in the show we are interested. It is also helpful for our sponsors because they are represented at the affiliate events through DIESEL Motorsports®.

Local clubs need your help, it takes a lot to put these events on and most of these people are doing it because they love the sport, very few are getting paid or very little. By volunteering your help it will make our sport grow and most of the time you will have fun doing it plus meeting new people who are diesel enthusiasts.

Just coming to the event and participating helps with the numbers and making the event look good to the sponsors. By not showing or coming to race or pull all you are doing is making sure that event will not happen again. Think about it, if it fails and no one comes will the promoter or track want to do the event again. They lose money doing it and the sponsors will not support it if the event does not have fans watching.

We know money and the economy is tight but consider the sport and do you really want it to grow regardless of who is putting on the event. I have urged pullers every year to go to a local pull at Platte City in July, we have nothing to do with the event, I do not know the organization that puts it on, but I hope they have a successful event every year and it grows. If our National Association can send even a few pullers to the event then we succeeded in helping the sport grow. From what I hear it turned out great this year, I have gone in the past but only as a spectator in the crowd.

If I see a small event in a area we are not currently putting on events while cruising  the web, I occasionally call them and see if they need assistance. DIESEL Motorsports does this just to keep in touch with people who want our sport to grow in areas we are not embedded.

It all works better if the different local clubs and organizations work together in order to make the sport grow - DIESEL Motorsports®!

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