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Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIESEL presents for 2012 . . .

Christmas time is perfect to talk about what is coming out new for diesels in 2012! What better presents to receive then some new products and services to look forward to in the new upcoming year!

Every year there are new performance and maintenance products to make our diesels run more efficient, we have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. Some of you already have some the items I am going to mention but there are many who do not!

Double or triple turbos -
The new hot item is no longer a BIG turbo but a double or even a triple setup for quicker spool up and power plus cleaner emissions. New technology for even the new diesel trucks are available.

Street efficient turbos -
New turbos being released by manufacturers are producing more power, quicker and with smaller turbos for those single users.

Fuel system alternatives -
A new brushless lift pump with filtration units including a new air separation filtration unit will increase flow rates with smaller foot print and amperage. Later in the year an electronic fuel regulator that will control the entire fuel filtration system for exact flow rates to your injection pump during street use or competition.

Suspension -
Newer alternatives for those weak OEM linkage and steering problems, some are already available and some new improvements will be available next year. Take an old truck and the drivetrain may be strong but the linkage and ride is worn out, these can all be replaced.

Wheels/Tires -
New wheels for 8 lug were shown at SEMA and PRI, one piece and three piece. Built here in the USA these new styles are not for the weak wallet but quality does cost you. NEW tires with correct sizing is coming for our diesel trucks along with some treads built for competition.

NEW Electronics -
Electronic gauge panel that has minimal 38 gauge capabilities along with a built in datalogger plus GPS! Built on dyno meter for your driveline shaft while in use! You bet, a new Dyno-Shaft available for diesels that operates while you are running, great for tuneups and chassis setup.

Injectors -
Out with the Asian cheap rip-offs and in with the hotter quality injectors. New suppliers coming from new machining brings hotter and more precise injectors. These are now becoming available and time to replace those faulty injectors.

If you are a diesel dealer there are a lot of new products to sell through your shop! Many new presents that can appear on a diesel owner's want list for 2012!

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