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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lumps of Coal for Christmas . . . DIESEL Motorsports.

Where did this saying originate? From European and old American folklore where the chimney sweep cleaned the house's flu before the Holiday fire. When he was paid he would leave small gifts in stockings hung on the mantle for the children of the house. If the parent told him a child was bad or naughty instead of being nice the sweep would leave lumps of coal or particles out of the chimney in the stocking.

Now this analogy has been used by many different parents, even Santa to motivate children to be good and not naughty within 3-6 months of Christmas. We have all been told you better be nice someone is watching and you could end up with nothing but lumps of coal!

This story and analogy relates to DIESEL Motorsports when all the good people in our sport come together to help build the sport. There are too many to even list them all including the competitors who show up at every event or just one event. These are tough times for motorsports and by everyone helping each other we can keep DIESEL Motorsports alive and growing for the future.

Pretty much like normal life, the working good people of society all work together, network, negotiate and continue to grow within society and business. In all parts of the country DIESEL Motorsports have held events this last year we have found many new friends and associates who help without asking for pay or hand out just to help build the sport. Many have seen the need for sponsorship and stepped up to fund the sport in order to help it grow.

I can't communicate properly the excitement about DIESEL Motorsports when I attend the automotive trade shows from the manufacturers and leaders in the industry! We are growing with a LOT of WORK from everyone!

The troublemakers are the loudest and most visual on the surface but they do not have substance behind them. Who gets the most attention in the media, those who yell the most, the troublemakers while everyone else works daily in order to continue.

I think most will agree these trouble makers usually end up with that "lump of coal" at the end of the day, year, etc.

Funny how a child's folklore tale relates to modern day life!

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