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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How about BIGGER and BETTER? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

In the world of marketing and numbers in order to justify spending . . . BIGGER is always BETTER!

That's what we have planned for 2012 for the events we will be announcing after the first of the year. Combined shows with more venues/competitions to participate plus watch and DIESEL ONLY!

I think we branded that term DIESEL ONLY quite a bit last year along with the name DIESEL Motorsports. I know everyone cried they are changing their name, furthest from the truth, we just shortened it! National Association of "DIESEL Motorsports". Easier to brand and understand, too many other alphabet names out there to get confused with on a weekly basis.

No confusing "DIESEL Motorsports" now is there?

The shows will be advertised, televised and marketed much more than in the past so we can start building on the fan base crowd. We have spent the last four years concentrating on where the best locations should be for attracting diesel trucks and fans. Now is the time to start building the fan base but with that in mind we need to add to the show.

Why? So they can feel like they are getting their monies worth when attending, so we have plans to make the shows more competitive and add to the competitions. Part of that is larger purses, more prizes from sponsors and better profiling of the winners!

How can we do that? By adding more staff and train the existing ones to handle multiple job tasks. Being organized and effective during the shows, we can afford to do that right now since we have refined the process and classes.

Some of the events will be bigger than others because we already have a good base at three or four of them. It just takes hard work and lots of money! Just like I tell companies who want to get ahead "it takes money to make money", the difference is knowing how to spend it in order to get a return. In building DIESEL Motorsports we have been laying the blocks for over four years and the walls are starting to go up!

You can watch it grow or be a part of the growth, being a part of it will be a lot more fun than sitting back and watching I guarantee you!

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