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Saturday, December 10, 2011

IMIS show for diesels . . . Diesel Motorsports!

Just finished attending the show, yes there were a lot of people. But in whole they were not diesel guys but round track people. There were some diesel guys because Scheid had a booth and he was busy, but I questioned some of our other sponsors who were there and they reported very little interest in diesel from attendees.

It's the perfect location, right in the heart of diesel country, so where are the diesel guys? I would take a guess and say they were never contacted because DIESEL Motorsports is still too young a sport to be included in their scope of business.

Considering the size of the show and they are trying to build against their competitor in Orlando which is older and larger, you would think they would build on what's around them. I guess they just don't have the right person to go after the market.

It's too bad they don't capitalize on their location and the people in the area that could help them grow this show to include DIESEL Motorsports! I don't think they even consider diesel sled pulling a motorsport?

In Orlando the sponsors reported lots of diesel people asking about products, I think holding the diesel drags there helps. However their group does not want to recognize DIESEL Motorsports as a sport either, I was told it's not their direction to include us.

The attitude of both trade shows is why our association exists, to promote our sport and maybe look for a diesel trade show who wants to recognize us!

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