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Friday, May 27, 2016

DIESEL vs GAS Drag Racing at MO Truck Shootout! DIESEL Motorsports

This drag race only event in Northern Missouri was compiled together after discussing with a local diesel and gas fabrication shop Mike Goacher of Goacher Street Legends about the local trucks. The local track in Kansas City is now US 36 Dragway near Cameron Missouri since the old KCID near Nolan Road was shutdown by city officials almost 2 years ago and Topeka/Heartland went bankrupt last year.

It's a nice rural 1/8 mile track out in the middle of no-where but has tons of parking and space for our trucks. There appears to be a good amount of diesels already racing there plus a good amount of gas trucks so it was suggested to me by Mike Goacher and the owner of the track Mike Franks to include both types to run against each other - thus Grudge Match!

DIESEL Motorsports normally does "diesel only" events but I saw maybe this is an opportunity to persuade some gassers to convert and maybe they don't think diesels can go that fast. Nothing makes for a rural matchup like DIESEL vs Gas trucks.

Years ago we converted many young people at tracks when we had the faster trucks come in early on Friday for Test-N-Tune to run against local young people in their ricer cars. Many of the youth converted quickly when the trucks outrun them on the strip.

From what I saw in the crowd many of the local youth showed up in their diesel trucks, over 1,000 to watch the competition. For a week delayed rain-date and on a Friday night we were surprised at the turnout plus about 60 trucks racing in 3 classes.

Most of the trucks were street performance trucks but we had some fast trucks there running in the 6.7-6.9 in the 1/8th mile, that's pretty fast for a full size pickup truck.

Revolution Performance from Junction City, KS provided the dyno and quite few lined up to see what their trucks could do in horsepower and torque.

The staff at US 36 and the owners Mike and Ruth Franks were great people to work with during the event. We also found out they have an excellent place to also host a sled pull on their dirt circle track.

I had a blast with a nice turnout of trucks and the local enthusiasts who lined both sides of the track! Cameron and surrounding areas has some really nice people. A BIG thanks to the local shops who helped us put this event on: Goacher Street Legends, MCON, Tyrant Diesel, and MPE Machinery! 

K&W Diesel Drag Racing

Unlimited Heads-up Diesel
Champion - Dylan Grooms, 2nd Jesse Brisco

Unlimited Heads up Diesel vs Gas
Champion Robert Reffeh, 2nd JR Kjplshu

ET Bracket Diesel vs Gas
Champion Dan Holland, 2nd Matthew Doyle

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Dylan Goacher
GM - Nick Rickels
Ford - Joel Silvey
Vintage Truck - Peter Gilbert

Revolution Performance Dyno Highest HP - Dyno - Doug Perry

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