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Monday, March 31, 2014

Diesel enthusiasts . . . let's give back to those who support us.

First off let's go back to the diesel shops who are producing the competitor's trucks and providing top notch mechanical repairs. That's right, licensed businesses who know how to repair your diesel truck.

Because of the popularity of the diesel sport many wannabes have come out of the woodwork and caused many pain and loss of dollars with repairs gone bad. DIESEL Motorsports have received a lot of questions about where they can find a reputable diesel shop?

There have been a lot of advancements in technology for our diesel trucks during the past 5 years. The diesel shops have experienced many repairs on the different models. Some repair only one brand and others repair all brands of the OEM trucks.

Many diesel enthusiasts have acquired cheaper parts online, however if something goes wrong with it they find that returning it or have the warranty work done is very difficult. When purchasing from a bricks and mortar diesel shop they will most likely complete the warranty work and repairs.

DIESEL Motorsports is giving back to the diesel shops by having a National Database of these shops available to the public by zip code search. The web site now sports the search and it is basic right now but we are adding to it daily by listing new diesel shops along with more details outlying their services and products.

Give us 30 days and many diesel shops will be listed along with some interesting listings and information. It is our goal to have diesel shops from every state listed within six months.

Buy or repair your diesel products and services from a local shop where you can get personal service along with vast knowledge of the diesel industry.

Looking forward to this summer's activities and being able to supply more information to our diesel fans and competitors.

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