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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Legitimizing DIESEL Motorsports as a motor sport . . .

To para-phrase and old saying - "We've come a long way baby" relates to our diesel industry. What started out as a cottage industry, diesel motor sports has grown to a industry contender. Yes, we have had a slight setback with the performance tuners not being available for newer model trucks but the sport is still going strong in the rural Midwest states.

UFC started out in a similar way, it became very popular, crowds grew but then when out of hand events gathered media attention it became untouchable until a company bought the group and built it for mainstream business. They insured the events, sanctioned the organization and gathered National sponsorships.

DIESEL Motorsports has done the same for the diesel industry. Big companies want safety and insurance installed in order to limit liability. A structured family lifestyle event where everyone can enjoy their diesel trucks is what attracts fans, competitors and sponsors.

DIESEL Motorsports is taking the next step by launching this month the first database of legitimate diesel shops that can work on your diesels, a search by zip code will produce a list of shops nearest you.

We have already been the first to offer endorsed product sponsorship where the products were tested by industry leaders before DIESEL Motorsports would accept their sponsorship. Every product we have listed is the best quality in the industry for our diesel enthusiast's trucks.

We have turned down many manufacturers that did not fit the product profile or their products failed during operation. It's about credibility within the industry.

Example: A manufacturer of a tuner product sets up diesel shops with a product that works most of the time, then after establishing a business of selling the units wholesales the entire inventory to a larger WD and then discounts the product price below what the dealers are selling it for and quits servicing what had been sold to the dealers.

We get complaints every week about companies who do not stand behind the products and is in it for a quick buck. DIESEL Motorsports has spent an enormous amount of time lobbying with major automotive aftermarket manufacturers to produce products for the diesel marketplace. Companies that will stand behind the products and answer their warranty phone lines.

Just look at our sponsor list and see the Mainstream companies that are respected in the automotive industry, this is how DIESEL Motorsports is taking the sport into mainstream America.

Legitimate events, legitimate diesel shops, legitimate manufacturers, legitimate services, and professional legitimate competitors makes for a solid business plan that will last for years.

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