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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What makes DIESEL a bad word for some folks?

After listening to the President and his new direction for trucking fuel regulations it is quite clear his people do not understand how important diesel technology is for trucking. NO OTHER engine is qualified to properly pull trailers for delivery of products to stores and manufacturers.

It's the torque associated with the drivetrain and the engine longevity that makes it so attractive to those supplying many of us with product. By regulating something you don't understand or have a replacement solution is only going to hurt all products and services across the nation.

The black smoke associated with diesel has been cleaned up for the street trucks, DIESEL Motorsports has a no smoke street policy to comply with environment friendly groups. That is why DIESEL Motorsports put on events where competitive trucks can legally compete with performance diesels.

It's the old diesels from the 80s where it even smelled to be behind one that tarnished the image, those are all gone replaced with efficient diesel systems. It's up to our groups and clubs to promote diesel in a positive way.

Only the 1% of the diesel enthusiasts are portrayed as coal rollers, smoke blowing on sidewalk pedestrians and stoplight smokers to the media. I shook my head when Diesel Dan smoked a friend in the toilet on the past Jay Leno Tonight Show, funny, yes but not an image of what diesel performance is all about!

All of our classes are trailered trucks except for one class (small number) in racing and pulling, the remaining 10 classes are trailered competitive vehicles. No different than NHRA/IHRA, NASCAR or others who offer automotive sports.

Europe has actually embraced diesel as the fuel of choice for all vehicles for over 50 years. It should be the choice in the states with the open spaces between cities. The rural areas where most of our food is produced would be hurt tremendously if they could not use diesel to implement and supply the country with food. We will see prices sky rocket for everything we consume Nationwide, if they were denied the use of diesel.

Think about it . . .  diesel is our friend! What can you do to make our image better?

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