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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where did DIESEL Motorsports start??? North? South? West? East?

Actually it started right in the heart of the United States - Indiana! The diesel sport surrounds this state with Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois as being the beginning of the diesel movement. 1st diesel event EVER was held in 2001 in Muncie Indiana named Thunder in Muncie started by a TDR group, Dave's Diesel, Eric McBride and Gene Mohney!

It started small and grew from there throughout the Midwest! Yes, the two coastlines and the south cannot lay claim to diesel as a sport. It happened right in the Midwest and is still the strongest in Indiana and Ohio. It's only natural since the farm belt is there along with one of the longest running motor sports - the Indy 500! 

DIESEL Motorsports still holds the original Thunder in Muncie every year as a two day event the third weekend in June (20/21st) in the original locations. 

Yes, there are a lot of diesel trucks all over the country and some fast ones in many different locations but the hot bed of diesels is in the Midwest. People ask me on the West Coast how come in the Midwest?

The factories for the truck's engine are in these two states, diesels are used for farming which is abundant in the two states and automotive production is huge in the two states. All the major trucking companies access through these two states along with many manufacturing plants.

The coastline trade people are amazed when I tell them there is a sled pull from June to September every night of the week in each state across the Midwest! On the weekends there are multiple pulls in each state you can attend and compete. It's a combination of tractors, gas and diesel but the sport is there to stay for many generations.

So when I hear different people lay claim to making diesel big I know where it was made big - I have seen it and talked to the pioneers which we honor every year at Thunder in Muncie in the DIESEL Motorsports "Hall of Fame"!

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