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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's wrong with diesel drag racing???

Absolutely NOTHING! It is growing slowly considering the economy as many motorsports are struggling right now. When the economy was gangbusters the cash flow was good and when someone busted they were back on the track the next weekend, not so fast now-a-days!

It's just part of the business when money is tight it is tough for individuals to afford their favorite sport. I will say the diesel competitor has more than the other markets because they are workers, they use their trucks to make cash. A diesel enthusiasts makes good money because it costs more to buy diesel trucks even used ones.

I do see some of the older competitors selling their trucks and letting new young guys continue but that is just part of racing, happens in all drag racing. They still come and watch because diesel motorsports is a lifestyle.

Drag racing has always been a tough sport to get people in the stands but many hang out in the pit areas looking at other's trucks or they are backed up to the fence with their truck, coolers, and pop-up!

DIESEL Motorsports has seen a sharp increase in the street trucks which buys our sponsors parts. The high end trucks/dragsters take a lot of cash to maintain and it is tough for them when times get tough. It gets harder and harder to find sponsors because the sponsors also cut back when the economy is tight.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports tries to feature the high end dragsters in all of our advertising, posters, press releases, and all areas of social media. We want to give them exposure! I think there is no argument we tend to publish more diesel trucks in print and social media than anyone else in the country. We do this because we want them to get noticed and we have helped many make connections with sponsors when possible.

DIESEL Motorsports drag racing is going through normal growing pains and the pulling is still very strong throughout the country. We have run successfully both racing and pulling at the same time so fans can watch both at the same time.

Are the numbers large in the high-end diesels, not yet but it's getting there with the support of the street diesels making up the numbers.

Give it time to build and the addition of professional teams that know how to draw the corporate sponsors, it will continue as mainstream sanctioned racing is embraced.

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