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Monday, September 8, 2014

Time to sound off about our sport - DIESEL Motorsports!

Ok it's cool in the mornings and Fall is early and in the air - feeling frisky again so I thought I would start the weekly blogs again!

I had to take a break for a while because the events took a lot of time to plan and execute. Down to one more event so I now have some time to write my daily thoughts surrounding the sport. I was once accused of posting my ramblings which no one wants to hear lol.

If that was the case I would not have people visiting my blog daily to read my rants. Yes I have been in the industry a long time and younger people want to know what knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. They ask all of the time how do I get things done and people interested in DIESEL Motorsports.

It takes years of experience to know what people are looking for their ROI (return on investment)!

Business for automotive aftermarket products and services is very competitive and the ins and outs are often clouded by many different factors in today's economy.

Combining those factors with what's important in diesel motor sports takes knowledge of the market and how everyone can benefit from sales to consumers.

I'm the first guy to admit that I'm not a mechanic, never claimed to be! But I have picked up much knowledge on the mechanics over 30 years and yes in my younger years I worked on many cars and trucks. As many of you have heard me say at shows I don't do manual labor anymore.

That's because I have put in my time and younger people can do the hard work, I did plenty as a young person for little money for years. It's called years of experience, and yes, I under bid jobs many times learning what it would take. I finished those jobs and losing money while doing them, but I knew to price that job higher next time.

I see many young people in our industry working very hard and it pleases me to see this. Generally they are the quiet ones that just do the work and you never hear them mouthing off on the internet.  This is the segment who continue to build this industry for many years to come.

I told a client the other day that 90% of the people in the industry I really enjoy dealing with because they are great people. It's the other 10% that makes the bad times miserable and that is life, so I concentrate on the 90% and ignore the 10%.

We have a lot of really positive nice people in this industry and it's worth investing our time and money for the future of DIESEL Motorsports.

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