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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Performance Diesel Discussion Panel Seminar at the PRI Show . . .

That's right . . .  Diesel Motorsports will get some visual time at one of the industry's major trade show - PRI Show in Indianapolis in December! 

Friday December 12th, 9am-10am, Rm 237 - open to all attendees. Performance Diesel in the USA!
Panel Discussion

Last time we did this was at the SEMA show over 7 years ago with a few diesel industry people chosen by SEMA (manufacturers) and I was the only one not pushing products but the sport.

This time we plan on having diesel industry shop owners, manufacturers, distributors, and of course myself leading the discussions. There is a lot going on in diesel motor sports that needs to be brought to light so other shops and manufacturers can get the truth on how well the industry is progressing and how they can make money on the sport.

The more people involved the more the sport grows, there are a few diesel industry leaders that think the less people involved, the more they can control the market and their profits. That will keep the sport small and eventually die or be reduced to a small section of the market.

Grow big and be a part of it or try and horde the people to your products seems to be the direction right now by many groups. 

DIESEL Motorsports prefers to grow the sport big into mainstream with everyone involved and let those that do business the correct way profit from supporting the sport.

The PRI Show is different from the SEMA show because actual shop owners and race/pull competitors can attend the shows to view all of the available performance products. We have been a part of the show for many years and held a drag race during the Orlando years at local tracks giving many manufacturers a view of diesel trucks racing for the first time.

Now DIESEL Motorsports does not plan to do that since it is being held in Indianapolis since last year we had 5 inches of snow and it was 10 degrees. Unless someone builds an indoor dragstrip we are out of luck on the weather.

However, DIESEL Motorsports does have a booth with the DM Girls passing out information along with our sponsor's literature and decals at the show. Last year we passed out over 3,000 packets to attendees wanting the literature on diesel motor sports. Many of you saw our Lime Green/Black backpacks all over the show that people used as bags for other booth information.

It's cold but make a plan now to attend and if you need a pass make sure to contact us early!

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