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Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Champion Point Winners

Yes the year ended with a Mayan wannabe whimper but DIESEL Motorsports made some noise with great competitors during the year along with some NEW World records.

Listed below are the point winners in drag racing and sled pulling for the DIESEL Motorsports 2012 year. They enter the line of being distinguished as professional competitors in diesel motorsports. We have strived to project our series of races and pulls as a mainstream professional sport, our point winners project that image while competing with some of the best diesels in the country.

Being competitive means running more than once down the track in drag racing and pulling further than anyone else. Racers have to run multiple times down the track while running for their best times against others. Pullers on the other hand have one chance to out pull the same weight class and sled weights for the distance. Both feats are hard on the truck's drivetrain so the winners have to know their trade and their truck in order to win.

World Records were set this last year, one in the Unlimited Class at Thunder in Muncie and the East Coast Nationals in the Pro Stock Class.

At the Muncie Dragway in Muncie Indiana Jarid Vollmer set a record in Unlimited/Heads Up Class running 9.46 at 149 mph in the 1/4 mile. Jarid runs his 2007 Dodge Cummins sponsored by BullyDog Technologies. Jarid has been developing this truck for a couple of years and has it dialed in for fast runs every time.

The East Coast Nationals held at Numidia Dragway in Numidia, PA we saw Wade Moody for a second time beat past record holder Gale Banks with a 178.76 mph 7.73 backed with a 7.56 at 181mpin his 2002 Chevy Duramax. Wade's truck is sponsored by Flo-Pro and Industrial Injection that runs completely smokeless which makes it the fastest running clean diesel in the World!

As a sanctioning body for diesels, DIESEL Motorsports has the trucks run at least twice with backed up qualifying time slips and verified by SFI techs that are licensed for diesel only competition. No other organization has the qualifications to do so in the country. This makes DIESEL Motorsports' records legitimate and legal in all of the states.

DIESEL Motorsports 2012 Point Champions

Sled Pulling

Kyle Harness, Frankfort, IN
2005 Chevy

2.6 Class
Corrie Baker, Mt Pleasant, PA
2006 Chevy

3.0 Class
Bryan Baker, New Carisle, OH
2001 Dodge

Super Street
Wayne Greier, Salem, OH
1997 Dodge

Modified Class
Van Haisley, Fairmount, IN
2000 Dodge

Drag Racing

ET Bracket
Doug Branens,  Mount Pocono, PA
1939 Rat Rod

Quick Diesel
Steve Bohatch, Gibsonia, PA
1999 Dodge 

Jarid Vollmer, Chubbock, ID
2007 Dodge BullyDog Truck

Pro Stock
Wade Moody, Mechanicsville, MD
2002 Flo-Pro Chevy

Top Diesel
Jeff Dean, Lancaster, OH
Duramax Powerflow Rail

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