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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Traveling man - DIESEL Motorsports!

Not too many people realize this but DIESEL Motorsports is just not about events showcasing diesel pickups.

DIESEL Motorsports spends the other part of the year marketing our sport and attending trade shows, conferences and promoting DM at other events.

Spreading the word about DIESEL Motorsports to major automotive companies and associations brings more attention to the trucks and competitors. Of course, they are interested in selling their parts or services to diesel truck owners but that makes our sport grow in the marketplace.

I just spent this last week at the SEMA MPMC (Motorsport Parts Manufacturers Council) as a contributing writer for DIESEL World, and other magazines. I spent 30 minutes with a different manufacturer every half hour from 9am to 6 pm. It's a great opportunity to talk directly about DIESEL Motorsports and how their parts relate to the business. Many of the manufacturers do not carry parts but are interested in what they can provide for our industry.

Just over 5 years ago I talked to many different companies who now carry parts that many of us use on our trucks. They didn't carry any parts and when I asked them to build the parts we needed like when I asked Mahle to build us pistons that would with stand the torque plus spraying NOS while competing or asking Carrillo to build us rods that are heavy duty so they would not distort under pressure. Even accessory manufacturers like when I asked SSBC to build us brakes that would stop a 7,000 lb 4x4 truck that sports 800 hp, sure we could go but could we stop safely?

Most of the companies respond if they see potential, now there are dozens of companies who have stepped up to supply us with important parts that we sell to diesel truck owners. Parts that enhance the performance and longevity of our diesel trucks.

The list goes on forever, take a look at our sponsor's products! They all make very important parts for our trucks. This last year Fuelab brought their brushless wet fuel pumps to diesels, Weld Wheels have brought back their billet wheels for 8-lug and Firestone designed a complete air bag suspension for our trucks.

Just this last week Mickey Thompson asked how they could further build a perfect tire for our diesel trucks during competition for racing and pulling?

So is worth going to trade shows? You tell me, how many of these products do you now sell in your diesel shop?

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