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Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's try something different this year? DIESEL Motorsports

It's time to step it up, bring it on, and walk the walk!

That is exactly what DIESEL Motorsports intends to do this year by including new venues this year at the event. We were the first to bring diesel monster truck to the sport, the first to put the sport on National TV, the first to TDIs and we plan to include more diverse forms of DIESEL Motorsports.

And the events will become larger and some surprises on the competitor's fees snd purse monies by offering large BONUS monies at different events.

Drag racing series are going to take place across the country at different drag strips along with prizes and purses for those series.

We are playing around with so much $$ for each round run at the races plus larger purses for the pullers at different events.

Yes it's time to step up and put this sport on the map to make it mainstream!

I'm in Salt lake City this morning for some meetings to begin the process to make DIESEL Motorsports even larger in the Western part of the country!

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  1. Hey sounds great ... Work them to the Great Northwest will ya! Praises to the experts in the Diesel Industry .. Many thanks to Industrial Injection and H & S for there partnership to grow a great sport and be the Leaders that we all want to follow !