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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Planning for the Events! DIESEL Motorsports

I'm in Salt Lake City today planning for the August 17/18th event at the Rocky Mountain Raceway! Looks like DIESEL ONLY drag racing Friday night with lots of big purses and prizes. On Saturday would be the Dyno, Sled Pull and show-n-shine at the track!

That's right everything at Rocky Mountain Raceway - two day diesel only event!

A top notch sled is being brought out of the Midwest along with prepping a specific track for sled pull only at RMR!

Combine that with two of Utah's biggest DIESEL manufacturers Industrial Injection and H&S Performance sharing the title for the show, it should be one of the biggest DIESEL ONLY shows West of the Mississippi!

Already lining up other vendors and supporters for the event, it makes it exciting to plan for such an event and getting new blood in that will make this event even larger!

Next week on to the another event and making the same alliances across the country somewhere else. It's a lot of work no matter where the event is and the help is appreciated from everyone.

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