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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Months are good for business . . .

This time of the year your local diesel service shop should be busy! 

Why? It's rebuild time along with the Winter service issues surrounding diesels plus road maintenance crews are usually diesel vehicles. Granted we have yet to see the heavy snows and hard weather in most parts of the country but it's still Winter and that time of the year.

We are just 3-4 months away from the Southern diesel events starting and that is not much time to get your trucks ready for competition. 

During the fall many new diesel products have become available and can be installed on the Winter rebuilds. It's the perfect time to get on the Internet and check out the new products and start selling them when those diesel enthusiasts comes strolling into your shop. For a start check out our sponsor's products, many of them launched new products at SEMA and PRI shows.

Might be a good time to hold local diesel seminars, open houses, and get-togethers in order to get the diesel crowd into your shop. If any of you need help contacting people around your shop feel free to contact us, we might be able to help you out.

The DIESEL Motorsports Board has decided to launch a dealer verification program which we will outline by the end of the month. The direction is verifying your local diesel shop and listing them so you will be able to find credible local diesel shops to work on your diesel truck. Details coming to you soon!

There are many new opportunities out there if you spend the time to capitalize on them.

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